Feedback is Critical

Feedback is Critical


Throughout the strategic planning process, hundreds of faculty, staff and students have worked together to develop inspired ideas and build consensus about the future of UCCS. The seven core strategies that comprise the 2030 Strategic Plan emerged from a year of campus conversations about the future of UCCS. As a draft plan emerges, feedback from campus is and continues to be critical to the success of the planning process. 

The word “university” comes from the Latin word “universitas,” which means “whole." This university is not whole without you, and this conversation is not whole without your contributions. You are invited to share your feedback on the seven core strategies that comprise the 2030 UCCS Strategic Plan. 

Stay tuned for a timeline illustrating campus and community involvement at every step of the strategic planning process. 


Incorporating feedback

Incorporating Your Feedback

  1. In Discovery Sessions

    Through multiple discovery sessions, we heard your thoughts on what UCCS does well and can do better.

  2. In Surveys

    Through your responses to our survey questions, we heard even further what you felt should be included in our initial round of presentations.

  3. At Town Halls

    Groups worked with our teams to further illuminate valuable additions to strategic themes. 

  4. In Working Groups

    We've heard your feedback, and our working groups — comprised of students, staff and faculty — strived to incorporate it into the still-developing Strategic Plan. 

  5. Ongoing Basis

    We still seek your feedback, and we value your contributions to our exciting plan.