Core Strategies & Groups

Core Strategy Working Groups

A Plan To Fuel Success

With a kickstart at the first March 11 Town Hall, JERA Partnerships aided groups of faculty, staff and students in identifying initiatives, outcomes, priorities and measures of success to form the backbone of the 2030 Strategic Plan. These ideas, put to paper, helped inform and materialize seven core strategy groups. 

These groups partnered with JERA to understand feedback from the campus community and identify areas in which the campus can grow and improve. Their efforts, which will continue through the summer, will culminate in a final presentation to the Board of Regents in February 2020.

Our Core Strategies

  1. Promote research and creative excellence
  2. Enhance enrollment, retention and graduation
  3. Foster a community of learning, engagement and inclusive belonging
  4. Invest deliberately in our people, processes and infrastructure
  5. Strengthen our financial position
  6. Support distinctive programs, both existing and new
  7. Pursue mutually beneficial partnerships and outreach

A Message from the Chancellor

Chancellor Venkat Reddy
"Your success fuels our success"
"I really want us to plan for the next 50 years, not just the next 10 years. Your success is our success, and the voices that everyone brings to the process will help shape the university we envision in the next decade. I appreciate the commitment of those who have already dedicated time and energy to our shared future."
Planning for the future
As the seven core strategies take shape, so too does the UCCS 2030 Strategic Plan. In June 2019, leaders from seven working groups presented initiatives to the Chancellor's Cabinet, further fueling the planning process.