Enrollment, Retention and Graduation

Enrollment, Retention and Graduation

UCCS will enhance enrollment, retention and graduation efforts to drive long-term stability.




Megann Murphy
"We’ve grown at such a fast rate over the last several years"
"We are serving more students than ever before and have more faculty and staff on campus. In order to keep serving our students with quality programs and retain quality staff, we have to look at growing in a way that we can sustain, regardless of state funding."
Megann Murphy is a team lead on the enrollment, retention and graduation strategy
Megann's motivation to join this working group was the tremendous growth UCCS has experienced over the last decade.


This core strategy will:

  1. Integrate student service systems dedicated to recruiting, academic support, continuing enrollment and graduation services.
  2. Strengthen online program offerings to meet the evolving academic and professional needs of students. 
  3. Expand the recruiting pipeline to include non-resident and international students and include K-12 outreach. 

Measures of Success

How will we know we're successful? We will have:

  1. Increased retention, persistence and graduation rates.
  2. Increased the number of online programs and online enrollments. 
  3. Demonstrated significant growth in non-resident and international students. 


How will we get there? We will:

  1. Strengthen online programs that meet the evolving academic and professional needs of students.
  2. Create a campus-wide system to integrate the delivery of services from recruiting through graduation to support increased online and on-campus enrollment, retention, persistence and graduation. The system will take the form of a virtual and in-person one-stop-shop for the delivery of student services, including newly re-designed Career Center.
  3. Develop an expanded recruiting pipeline to UCCS with a focus on non-resident and international students, online programs, high school concurrent enrollment and K-12 outreach.