Partnerships & Outreach

Partnerships & Outreach

UCCS will pursue mutually-beneficial partnerships and outreach to enhance the communities we serve.




Melinda Hagemann
"Strategic partnerships have made this growth and impact possible"
“The University Partnerships and Outreach group worked diligently to ensure all voices were heard and represented, and now we, UCCS, have the exciting opportunity before us to determine how we will implement this core strategy. The group focused on building the framework for a team of university employees to cultivate partnerships with individuals and organizations which align with UCCS’ core mission and values. UCCS is fortunate to have so many faculty, staff and students with an entrepreneurial spirit; our goal was to allow that same spirit to thrive through the framework of the strategy recommendation."
Laura Emmot and Melinda Hagemann served as team leads.
According to Emmot and Hagemann, "UCCS has experienced tremendous growth and had a positive impact on the Colorado Springs community over the last several years. We are excited to support this effort because we know it is about providing opportunities for each of us to engage, in our own unique ways, to expanding and sustaining our beautiful community through public and private partnerships that are good for the university and our partners."


This core strategy will:

  1. Increase the donor base to provide the resources necessary to accomplish the university's mission.
  2. Invest in innovative partnerships that enable us to accomplish things we could not do alone and stimulate new opportunities for engagement.
  3. Allow UCCS to hold the reputation of being the first choice for partnerships in the region.
  4. Create a culture of service within the campus community that benefits Colorado and the world.

Measures of Success

How will we know we're successful? We will have:

  1. Grown annual fundraising by 2023.
  2. Initiated multiple effective and sustainable partnerships.
  3. Received positive feedback on regularly-conducted market perception surveys.


How will we get there?

  1. The UCCS Cabinet will establish a working committee comprised of representatives from each area with vice chancellor representation to evaluate and assess best practices in public-private partnerships, modeled after higher education thought leaders. This working committee will recommend to campus a structured model to staff and resource a dedicated department to best position UCCS for success with future public-private partnerships, a rubric to evaluate whether or not future public-private partnerships should be implemented, and an operations budget to enhance the participation and performance in key outreach efforts for faculty, staff and students.
  2. The UCCS Cabinet will establish a dedicated unit to manage public-private partnerships that are mutually beneficial for all involved parties.
  3. UCCS will partner with alumni, donors and industry to maximize the Essential CU and UCCS Fuels Success philanthropic campaigns and future philanthropic efforts to build funding resources and grow endowed funds to exceed $100 million in support of the campus population.
  4. UCCS will assess and create a program to encourage, support and reward campus volunteerism on community boards and other targeted outreach initiatives that align with the UCCS mission.