Deliberate Investment

Deliberate Investment

UCCS will invest deliberately in people, processes and infrastructure to support our strategic growth plans.

Shannon Cable
"This area had the most potential to really impact and support our people"
“The most important thing I can work towards on our campus is creating a great place for people to learn, work, and be a part of our community; and the working group allowed me to engage in this work in a real way.”
Shannon Cable
According to Shannon Cable, Director of Student Employment, Financial Aid, Student Employment and Scholarships, “I wanted to be involved in the working group on deliberate investment because I felt this area had the most potential to really impact and support our people."


This core strategy will: 

  1. Create a transparent, collaborative and cross-functional campus culture.
  2. Improve infrastructure across campus divisions.

Measures of Success

How will we know we're successful? We will have:

  1. Implemented a comprehensive human resources operational plan.
  2. Put a facilities operational plan into practice.
  3. Put an information technology operational plan into practice.
  4. Implemented a continuous process improvement initiative of university processes.
  5. Integrated the above plans and processes for cross-functional alignment.


How will we get there? We will:

  1. Develop and implement a transparent staff & faculty recruitment, hiring, compensation, evaluation, professional development, advancement and wellness/support/advocacy operational plan for campus.
  2. Develop and implement an inclusive facilities operational plan to include planning, design, construction, operation of campus facilities and deferred maintenance in an environmentally sustainable manner, which meets the current and future needs of campus stakeholders.
  3. Develop and implement a campus-wide, comprehensive information technology operational plan to design and construct campus technology infrastructure, which services the current and future needs of campus stakeholders, while supporting rapid innovation and change.
  4. Develop and implement a process governance initiative, to include assessment, revision and review of university processes as a method of improving infrastructure cross-functionality and efficiencies.