Distinctive Programs

Distinctive Programs

UCCS will support distinctive programs, both existing and new, to demonstrate the university's unique value and identity.




Terry Boult
"Supporting the development of innovative programs"
"I came to UCCS in 2003 and have invested much of my career since in building an internationally unique innovative program to help students. I invested time and energy in the strategic planning process to get increased focus on supporting the development of innovative programs that can make a transformative impact on UCCS' students, UCCS' reputation and UCCS' future financial stability."
Dr. Terry Boult, El Pomar Endowed Chair of Innovation and Security and Professor of Computer Science
According to Dr. Boult, the core strategy on competitive programs of distinction focuses on "improving processes for defining, building, and supporting nationally competitive programs".


This core strategy will:

  1. Develop a fast-track framework to identify, launch and grow programs of distinction – programs that are innovative, distinctive or nationally competitive.
  2. Allow UCCS to be preeminent in our provision of education and training in an interprofessional model, creating future employment opportunities for students and addressing the workforce needs of an evolving and creative economy.
  3. Increase the visibility and awareness of our programs of distinction.

Measures of Success

How will we know we're successful? We will have:

  1. Increased enrollment in identified programs of distinction.
  2. Improved employment outcomes for graduates in interprofessional programs.
  3. Increased national awareness of our programs of distinction.
  4. Received positive feedback from stakeholders who used the fast-track framework.


How will we get there? We will:

  1. Develop and implement a framework that includes, but is not limited to, identification, processes, consulting with industry and community subject matter experts, recruiting, marketing, and funding for nationally competitive programs and initiatives, both existing and new, that show the University’s unique value and identity in the higher-education landscape.
  2. Develop and execute an entrepreneurial, targeted, and flexible strategy for program-specific marketing and recruiting for programs of distinction.
  3. Develop and implement an accelerator program for cultivating new ideas for submission to the framework.