Join an Initiative Team

Help translate vision into reality.


With seven core strategies written and key measures of success in place, the strategic planning process is moving into its implementation phase. Faculty, staff and students have a new opportunity to shape the strategic plan by joining a core strategy initiative team.

Team members will dig into an area of UCCS they are curious about or enjoy, collaborate with new colleagues, gain professional and personal development and be able to make a long-term impact on the university.

Team members are asked to commit to a minimum of six months to the process by attending one to two team meetings a month, volunteer to take on tasks and action items and support and promote the plan across campus.

To indicate your interest in joining an initiative team, send an email using the button below ranking the top three initiative teams you are willing to join (1 being the team you are most interested in and 3 being the team you are least interested in). You will be assigned to one.

Indicate up to three initiatives you would be interested in joining.

Competitive Programs of Distinction
Initiative: Competitive Programs of Distinction Framework

Cultivate excellence in research and creative works
Initiative: Research Framework

Intentional Revenue Viability
Initiative: Incentive-Based Budget Model

Learning, Engagement and Inclusive Belonging
Initiative: Faculty Development & Innovative Practices

Optimization of Capabilities

  • Initiative A: People Strategy & Plan
  • Initiative B: Facilities Operational Pan
  • Initiative C: Information Technology Operational Plan

Sustainable Enrollment
Initiative: Sustainable Enrollment

University Partnerships and Outreach
Initiative: Public-Private Partnership Committee