JERA Partnership

JERA Partnerships

Partnering with JERA Partnerships

While we at UCCS have engaged our community, we also sought the help of JERA Partnerships, which is leading our strategic planning process.

JERA will lead the 2030 UCCS Strategic Plan as a strategic alignment firm hired for its expertise in the realm of direction and growth. At its core, JERA strives for deliberate and thoughtful planning in order to transform organizations, teams, and individuals. UCCS has utilized JERA’s experience to distill the inspired ideas of the campus and community into aspirational – and feasible – strategies. These strategies will drive the future success of our campus for the decade to come. 

We will launch our strategic plan as our current plan expires in June 2020.

A JERA Fun Fact
Wondering how JERA got its name? It's actually named for the ancient Nordic rune of the Jera. Translated, “Jera” means “the anticipation of an abundant harvest as a result of taking planful and deliberate action.”